*Must Haves*… Get them Before you need them! These Homeopathic Remedies are used to both Treat and Prevent Colic & GastroIntestinal Distress in Horse & Dogs and should be on hand for immediate use! Click on products below for more details

*Sale Ultra Colic Relief™ For Horses

*Sale Ultra Gastro Relief™ For Dogs

*Sale Ultra Colic Relief Plus™ For Horses


Specialty Products

*Sale Ultra Flex GS Essentials™ For Horses…
Provides the basic nutrients your horse needs for optimal health, condition, and performance in one exceptional product! Learn more >>

*Sale Ultra Hoof Regenerator™…
Provides all of the necessary nutrients for Repairing, Rebuilding, and Maintaining a Strong Healthy Hoof! It also addresses the special needs of a hoof that has been Injured, has Laminitis, etc. Learn more >>

*Sale Ultra Flex GS Pro™ For Horses… 
UFGS Pro is a Specialized Equine Joint & Muscle Supplement that can be used to Rebuild & Restore Joints, Relieve Inflammation, Recondition & Relax Muscles, & Much More! Learn More >>


Featured Horse Products

*Sale Ultra Flex GS Plus™ For Horses
For the optimal care of more advanced joint and soft tissue conditions and more intense activity levels. Learn More >>

*Sale Ultra Calm Equine™
All Natural Relaxant for Easing Nervousness & Anxiety associated with Training, Desensitizing, Sporting Events, Trail Riding, Trailering, & more! Learn More >>

*Sale Ultra EZ Mare™
Used for All PMS Symptoms, Balancing Moods, Improving Focus, and Preventing Tying Up Syndrome in Mares! Learn More >>


Featured Dog Products

*Sale Ultra Flex GS Plus™ For Dogs
For the optimal care of more advanced joint and soft tissue conditions and more intense activity levels. Learn More >>

*Sale Ultra Pain Relief™ For Dogs
An All Natural Solution for Pain Relief and Inflammation without the side effects of traditional pain meds! Learn More >>

*Sale Ultra Flex GS Calming™ For Dogs
For Soothing Symptoms of Anxiety plus Preventing and Maintaining Common Joint & Soft Tissue Issues! Learn More >>


Featured Bundles
Wholistic Horse & Dog Bundles are a great way to try out new products while saving money too! Each bundle contains two different products in half pound packages that complement each other and are paired together to serve a common cause… All Bundles On Sale! >>


Our MissionThe Wholistic Horse & Dog™ is dedicated to helping Horse and Dog Owners find Natural Solutions to their Pet’s Physical and Behavioral Problems with the use of Alternative Therapies and Premium Quality Joint Products and Herbal Supplements. Whether your Horse or Dog is your Companion, Performance Partner, or Trail Buddy, I want them to be the best they can be and stay sound in both their Body and Mind while doing so!