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Ultra Flex GS™ For Dogs


Premium Quality Ultra Flex GS™ for Dogs is used for the Prevention and Maintenance of Common Joint and Soft Tissue Problems. It is available in a 1/2 lb & 1 lb bag…Choose Your Size Option Below


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Ultra Flex GS™ For Dogs is made with Pharmaceutical Glucosamine in the sulfate form, the highest quality available, and is used for both Building and Repairing Cartilage, Connective Tissue, and Synovial Fluid. It is a necessary supplement for All Aging and Performance Dogs as well as All Breeds prone to Back, Hip and Joint Problems. It is also excellent for Dogs who are Rehabbing Injuries. Ultra Flex GS is processed in the USA and Lab Tested to Insure Purity and is used in the Prevention and Treatment of;

**Arthritis and the Pain & Stiffness associated with it.
**Tendonitis, Tendon, and Ligament Injuries.
**Joint Stress due to Agility Training, Frisbee, & Showing.
**Joint Problems due to Old Age or Poor Conformation.
**Pain and Deterioration associated with Hip Disorders.
**Pain and Problems associated with Long Backed Breeds.

Ultra Flex GS is non toxic, odorless, easily absorbed, and has no bitter aftertaste (unlike Glucosamine HCL which can have a bitter aftertaste). Simply add the powder to your dogs meal and he won’t even know it’s in there. No pills to crush and no messy liquids to dispense! You can even feed this to cats with no problems, and we all know how finicky they are!

The Therapeutic Dosage for Ultra Flex GS is 10 mg. per pound of body weight. 1/8 teaspoon of Ultra Flex GS For Dogs contains 625 mg. of Glucosamine. There are “720” 1/8 teaspoon servings per pound making it cost as little as 8 cents per serving! With Ultra Flex GS it is easy to keep your dog’s joints healthy and pain free while also increasing the comfort level and performance possibilities for the dog. Ultra Flex GS really is an older dog’s best friend and at these prices it makes no sense not to feed it!

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