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Ultra Flex GS Plus™ For Horses


Premium Quality Ultra Flex GS Plus™ for Horses provides Optimal Care for More Advanced Joint and Soft Tissue Problems. It is available in a 1/2 lb & 1 lb bag…Choose Your Size Option Below


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Ultra Flex GS Plus™ For Horses combines all of the Joint Restorative Properties of Ultra Flex GS with the Anti-Inflammatory and Tissue Cleansing Properties of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) making it a powerful addition to your horse’s conditioning program and an excellent choice for all of your horse’s joint care needs and enhanced performance. Horses that will benefit from using Ultra Flex GS Plus include;

**Horses in Intense Training, especially Racehorses, Reining and Eventing Horses.
**Horses recovering from Injuries and Surgery.
**Horses going back into training after a layoff.
**Horses with Severe Arthritis or Osteochondrosis (OCD).
**Horses with Chronic Tendon, Ligament, and Hoof Problems.
**Horses at risk for developing chronic joint problems due to genetics or poor conformation.
**Horses with High Performance Expectations.

Ultra Flex GS Plus contains only the Highest Quality Ingredients Available with absolutely no fillers or additives making it easily and completely absorbed for fast results! Each serving of Ultra Flex GS Plus contains 5,000 mg. of Glucosamine Sulfate and 5,000 mg. of Premium MSM. The Maintenance Dose is 1 serving daily and the Therapeutic Dose is 2 servings daily (1 in the AM and 1 in the PM for best results). High Performance Show Horses, Racehorses, and those with chronic ailments may have to be maintained at the therapeutic dosage for continued comfort and performance. *Please note that a one pound bag of Ultra Flex GS Plus will last the average maintenance horse “45” days!

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