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Ultra RespiratorEze Plus™


Ultra RespiratorEze Plus™ is a Premium Quality Herbal Supplement for Better Respiratory & Immune System Health in Horses. It comes in a 1 lb. bag and can be fed daily for chronic respiratory problems or just seasonally as needed.

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Ultra RespiratorEze Plus™ is a powerful solution for Disorders of the Upper and Lower Respiratory System including Coughs and Nasal Congestion. It contains a proprietary blend of proven Respiratory Enhancing Herbs & Vitamin C to create an effective formula for Soothing and Clearing the Respiratory Tract of Accumulated Mucus while boosting the Immune System which can be especially helpful for Chronic and Seasonal Respiratory Problems. RespiratorEze Plus is also helpful with Allergy Conditions that are irritated by dust, poor air quality, and pollution. RespiratorEze Plus can be fed daily until the problem is relieved, or seasonally as a preventative aid.

Ultra RespiratorEze Plus mixes easily with any pelleted feed or bran. It comes in a 1 lb. bag and will last the average horse about 2 – 3 months when fed daily. Please note that all suggested equine dosages are based on the average 1,000 lb. horse.