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Ultra Ulcer Relief™

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Ultra Ulcer Relief™ is a Premium Quality Herbal Supplement for Ulcer Prevention and Relief in Horses! It comes in a 1 lb. bag and will last about three months when fed daily.


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Ultra Ulcer Relief™ contains premium quality slippery elm, the most Soothing Herb for Stomach Ulcers and the Entire Gastro-Intestinal Tract! Sadly, more than 50% of Performance Horses suffer from Gastric Ulcers and Ulcerations of the Intestinal Tract. Symptoms of Ulcers can include Poor Performance, Irritability, Girthiness, Mild Recurrent Colic, Poor Appetite, Weight Loss, and a Dull Coat. Horses in Intensive Training are especially at risk to develop ulcers since Stress, Intense Exercise, Extensive Trailering, and High Concentrate Diets increase acid production which irritates the stomach lining. Ultra Ulcer Relief soothes and protects the inflamed mucous membranes of the stomach, neutralizes excess stomach acids, and can also relieve diarrhea and colitis in adult horses and foals. Ultra Ulcer Relief can be fed daily as a preventative and protective measure and really is a must have product for every performance barn.

Ultra Ulcer Relief mixes easily with any pelleted feed or bran. It comes in a 1 lb. bag and will last the average horse about 3 months when fed daily. Please note that all suggested equine dosages are based on the average 1,000 lb. horse.