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Ultra Flex GS Essentials™ For Horses


Premium Quality Ultra Flex GS Essentials™ for Horses provides the necessities for maintaining optimal health, condition, and performance in one simple supplement! It is available in a 1 lb bag.

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Ultra Flex GS Essentials™ For Horses combines the Joint Restorative, Anti-Inflammatory, and Tissue Cleansing Properties of Ultra Flex GS Plus, with the Digestion Enhancing and Gas Reducing Qualities of DigestionEze, and the 100 Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, and Enzymes provided in Ultra Sea Minerals to create one exceptional product! It has been field tested for over 20 years with optimal results and This is What It Does…

  • Builds and Repairs Cartilage, Connective Tissue, and Synovial Fluid.
  • Provides Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-rheumatic, Antioxidant, & Immune Enhancing Properties.
  • Optimizes Digestion.
  • Balances Metabolism.
  • Improves Skin, Coat, and Hoof Condition.
  • Provides Enhanced Nutrition for Everyday Life!

Ultra Flex GS Essentials For Horses contains a proprietary powdered blend of Premium Quality ingredients including Glucosamine Sulfate, MSM, Fennel, and Kelp for optimal results! It mixes easily with any pelleted feed or bran and can be fed once a day for maintenance or twice a day for horses with more advanced joint problems. 1 lb. will last the average 1,000 lb. horse about a month when fed daily.

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1 lb. $38.45 (Reg. $39.95)

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