Ultra Pain Relief™ For Horses


Ultra Pain Relief™ For Horses is a Premium Quality Herbal Supplement used for Relieving Pain and Inflammation in Horses! It is available in a 1/2 lb. & 1 lb. bag, and 1 lb. will last the average horse about three months when fed daily…Choose Your Size Option Below…

  • Check Mark Pure Premium Ingredients. No Fillers or Fluff!
  • Check Mark Most Products Have Been Field Tested For Over 20 Years!
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Ultra Pain Relief™ For Horses is an effective herbal blend which has been successfully used as an Anti-Inflammatory and Painkilling Agent for decades! It has been proven to be an effective replacement for both Phenylbutazone (“Bute”) and Cortisone…without the side effects! It is one of the best herbs for easing the pain and discomfort associated with exercise and aging. It is used for providing Pain Relief and Comfort to Performance, Sport, and any Horses with Pain Management Needs such as;

**Arthritic Horses and Ponies.
**Horses with Navicular.
**Horses with Lamenitis.
**Horses Recovering from Injuries.
**Horses with Chronic Pain from various ailments.

Ultra Pain Relief mixes easily with any pelleted feed or bran. It can be fed as needed therapeutically or fed daily for pain management. It.comes in a 1 lb. bag and will last the average horse about 2 – 3 months at the maintenance dose and longer at the therapeutic dose. Please note that all suggested equine dosages are based on the average 1,000 lb. horse. Do Not Feed to Pregnant Mares.

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Half lb. $32.95, 1 lb. $56.95 (reg $59.95)

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